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General description

  • Optima® sensor operated hand dryers from Mediclinics® are a suitable solution for those looking for an automatic hand dryer with an optimum performance at a very competitive price. These models are ideal to be installed in washrooms with an medium/low traffic of people like for example, restaurants, theatres, offices, etc.
  • These hand dryers are equipped with an induction motor, which do not require any maintenance and they are manufactured using the highest quality materials.
  • Optima hand dryers also include a electronic infrared detection sensor for hand distance detection, which is adjustable.
  • In order to better blend with the washroom’s decoration three different types of casings are available: steel white epoxy finish, AISI 304 stainless steel br

Components & materials:

  • M99A: Steel one-piece cover, Epoxy painted, 1.5 mm. thick.
  • M99AC: Stainless steel one-piece cover, bright finish, 1.5 mm. thick.
  • M99ACS: Stainless steel one-piece cover, satin finish, 1.5 mm. thick.
  • Fire resistant plastic PP-V0 base and fan scroll, with 4 Ø 6 mm holes for wall mounting.
  • Induction motor, 2.800 rpm, maintenance-free and high durability, incorporates a safety thermal cut-off.
  • Waved wire NiCr heating element on a mica frame that incorporates a thermal cut-off.
  • Fire resistant plastic PP-V0 with single inlet fan wheel.
  • Fully adjustable (5-25 cm) IR electronic detection sensor by means of a pote