Optima Sensor Operated M99A

material:Steel | finish:White epoxy

Optima sensor operated hand dryer

Optima auto hand dryers from Mediclinics are a suitable solution for those looking for an auto hand dryer with an optimum performance at a very competitive price. These models are ideal to be installed in washrooms with an average traffic of people like for example, restaurants, theatres, offices, etc.

Sensor operated models, equipped with an induction motor, which do not require any maintenance. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, they also include an optical reader for hand distance detection, which is adjustable. In order to better blend with the washroom’s decoration, it is available with several different finishes; three different types of casings are available: Steel white epoxy finish, AISI 304 stainless steel bright finish and AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish.

Thanks to R&D&I, Mediclinics manufactur a dryer with a smooth design, which is made using a highly robust material, with anti-vandalism features; incorporating safety screws and a special key  opener.

These dryers also provide maximum safety, with a safety thermal cut off installed in the motor and another one in the dryer’s heating element.

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